Staff Profiles

Steven Allbutt, Programme Director

Steven Allbutt was brought in to the Trust to secure its long term future by reimagining what the Trust should be, negotiating an extension to their lease at St Saviours and then working to relocate the Trust to a new longterm home, fit for purpose and the Trusts expanded offering.

Steven was a Trust artist 08/09 following which he went on to found Tottenham Hale International Studios C.i.C, Studioname, Studioname Leicester C.i.C, Churchgate Artists Studios C.i.C and E5 Artists Studios.

Steven is also the founder of “The Company of Artists CiC” which now runs Leicester Contemporary.

As a practicing artists, having graduated from Leeds (07) Steven has been recipient of several awards, bursary’s, residencies and ACE funding. A member of Leeds based DIY collective, Black Dogs. Steven has shown in group and solo shows around the UK including Tate Modern.

Yuka Namekawa, Assistant

A Trust artist in 08/09 Yuka has worked as an artist around the world.

Having left a teaching role at Tama University of Arts in 2015, Yuka now resides in London and is co founder of Studioname, Churchgate Artist Studios and E5 Artist Studios.

Yuka assists in the day to day running and maintenance of the Trust and its home at St Saviours Church.

Yuka’s practice explores the communication that takes place between the viewer and the work. She’ interested in the factors that effect viewers thoughts and what prompts them to experience works of art tacitly. What effects peoples judgement process and the reactions which are actually dependent on their prejudice?

Yuka is currently exploring ideas around value and how we place it within objects. The system’s of enshrining and reification that are born from the very attempts to protect and elevate that which we destroy.