Summer Show 2018

The artworks presented by The Florence Trust residency artists for their 2018 Summer Show comprise a truly diverse range of themes, exploring the dynamics of collaboration and the ethical role of the artist, as well as ecological concerns. The works employ a variety of media including immersive environments, video, and painting. Some respond to the church’s architecture, such as the stained-glass panels and decorative patterns, while at times embracing, and at other times playfully profaning, its context as a former house of worship. The assortment of artworks and live events presented by the artists for The Florence Trust Summer Show share a common desire to re-conceptualise the complex systems that sustain us and our fragile world that is based on a collective, empathetic, and sensible approach. Where difference is understood in positive terms, and permission is given for us to think outside of the world’s anxiety-addled present moment.

Amanda Baum and Rose Leahy, Marcus Boyle, Rebecca Byrne, Kristina Chan, Fergus Cooper, Lynn Dennison, Liz Elton, Tamara Kametani, Mayra Martin Ganzinotti, Cherelle Sappleton

Press Release

A PDF of the FT ’18 catalogue can be viewed here

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