Yoi Kawakubo

Artist Statement (as of January 2017): First Attempt to reconstruct the world


The world is unfathomable.

Millions of times harder to unravel than any game that my short life could ever come to understand.

But there is always somewhere to start, sometimes several.


At first glance, my practice may seem somewhat eclectic, and in fact I think it is.

My career is strongly linked to the processes driven by my curiosity, and began with my studies on linguistics and logic at university, where later I studied also disabilities sciences, and started a Master’s degree in applied neuropsychology until I got married, when I left studies to become a househusband while my wife worked.

After a short period in which I studied for an simultaneous interpreter while keeping things at home, I started working in the financial industry as a hedge fund trader for three years, leaving this job on August 2008, by fortune, one month before the financial crash.

From there I began to study and practice photography, and in 2012 after my first artist in residence for one year, I began to explore other forms of expression, based on processes of exploration of ideas and search for their physical representation.


I am strongly interested in interdisciplinary realms of human research and practice, and I believe that there is a strong need of a macroscopic view of the world as well as a high specialization in a certain area of specialization. And so, little by little, through the development of these methodologies and collaboration with specialists from other areas, I have realized that my practice it is nothing but an attempt to the colossal task of reconvening the scattered and obscure pieces of uncertainty, and put them all together in a single, coherent world, a world to be reconstructed.

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