Vanessa von Heydebreck

Vanessa von Heydebreck creates sculptural collages by making photographic images three-dimensional while simultaneously flattening the function of objects. Her focus is the space found between the two- and three-dimensional, the space that she recognizes as a place where surface meets structure, disorientation meets ambiguity, and failure meets opportunity. She emphasizes on the intersection that can be found in the negative spaces, the creases and folds or the missing parts- because that which is missing is often more important than that which is visible.

Her point of departure is the investigation of one’s innermost feelings, the body that contains them, and how they come into contact with their surroundings. This aspect of the human condition and her own aphorisms often dictate the results of her reconstructions. It is with a dry sense of humour and optimism that she sets out to discover the positive in the negative, the beautiful in the broken and the chance in failure.

Vanessa von Heydebreck is a Canadian-German artist born in Montréal. She studied Fine Arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design (Canada), the University of Tartu (Estonia) and Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee (Germany). After receiving her German Diploma (MA) in Fine Arts, she completed a further year of Master Apprenticeship with Prof. Hanns Schimansky in Berlin. After a total of 20 years in Berlin, she moved to London where she completed her one year studio residency at the Florence Trust in 2015-2016. She has had exhibitions in Europe and North America, and her works can be found in private collections in Germany, England and Canada.

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