Theodoulos Polyviou

Theodoulos Polyviou comes from a Fine Art background. In 2014, he graduated from Royal College of Art with a masters in Visual Communication.

His work is of sculptural nature, in which elements of the physical and the digital are intersecting, bringing new technologies that deal with virtuality in harmony with the traditional. His practice explores the metaphorical, physical and political gendered space throwing into crisis the mutual, simultaneous and interconnected production of place and self. He formulates the concept of liminality enabling a dialectical reading of his work, and through his practice he makes provisional meaning of what may be argued to be fluid. Theodoulos takes the aforementioned subjects as triggers for the development of his research and certainly as catalysts for intended production of work.

His work could be seen as a proposition to look at the Negative space between the physical and the conceptual as a melodramatic container that brings together the cultural and the invented, the natural phenomenon and the man-made socio-political ones.

Theodoulos has exhibited his work in London, Athens, Nicosia (CY), Copenhagen and Albania, representing Cyprus at the Young Artist Biennale.

He is the co-founder and director of project space, korai, in Nicosia, Cyprus.

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