Theodoros Stamatogiannis

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Stamatogiannis’ practice is questioning the boundaries of sculpture and architecture with a further aim to explore space, either physically, psychologically or socially. He deals with architectural components like floors, doors or windows, creating work that reapproaches the relationships between those elements, perturbing their function, their given role in the composition of space and consequently our mental perception of space. He tests the physical properties of those elements and materials looking at industrial processes, creating architectural objects to industrial standards but constantly involved in this process.

Stamatogiannis’ recent practice investigates parts of buildings that are not accessible by the public, such as the exterior design and materials of rooftops. Driven by the fact that the roof materials and the objects that can be found there are less about aesthetics and more about function, trying to question their hidden architecture and the scenery that they create, a scenery with various interpretations and sculptural qualities.


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