Silvia Lerin

My current artistic process is based on chance and aims to create unexpected compositions. I provoke chance by painting with water that creates effects on the surfaces I use to work with, eg canvas, paper, etc… and that will determine the final composition; But lately I leave the inspiring chance to happen, creating new shapes and compositions from a found object (e.g. a piece of wood, packaging protecting cardboard,…) or even from situations or places of my current life, for example my first significant hurdle to overcome was the London Underground and that contributed to my first series ‘Mind the Gap’, the shapes, colours, volumes and even litter that I encountered on my daily journeys around the capital inspired me profoundly and now my current project ‘Inspired by an English garden’ is very different to ‘Mind the Gap’, nevertheless still holds firmly to the style I have developed since coming to the city. The contrast from the underground (‘Mind the gap’) to the overground (English garden) was so vivid – the nature, vibrancy of colours, richness of combinations.

My art was evolving as a diary would do, the series the chapters, the artpieces its pages…

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