S.E Barnet

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Barnet is an internationally exhibiting artist previously based in Los Angeles, now living in london, having recently completed her phd.  Barnet’s work addresses the experience of the individual in our complexly interrelated world where place, and images of places carry an overabundance of meanings. Through her drawings, photographs, installations and readings, she considers new ideas concerning self-knowledge, learned knowledge and knowledge that is sustained through seemingly unconnected narratives.

Currently there are a few different interests Barnet is pursuing –

One is based around the archive of the British movement Mass Observation, leading in part to a book project with the Everyday Press. This project also includes the exhibition of a performance for video based on a proofreader’s contribution to the archive from 1937. These are part of two exhibitions at the Five Years Gallery. In addition, there is a group exhibition of work sent to her in response to a mass observation style call the artist made over contemporary social media, drawing a parallel to past and present relational activities. Barnet is also making drawings based on some of the original handwritten and hand-typed text. finally, in a long-term activity she is transcribing the archive’s day surveys from 1937-38.

Barnet is also been doing a series of individual readings of site specific texts given in public locations – meaning one-to-one readings to individuals. These readings are excerpted from texts of contemporary and historical writers and artists.

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