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Ryan McClelland was born in Liverpool in 1978; he graduated from Camber well College of Arts in 2000, Goldsmiths College in 2002 finally receiving and MA in fine Art from the Royal College in 2007. Since then he has had three solo exhibitions in London, and taken part in over thirty group shows both nationally internationally. His work has been placed in several important private collections in the UK and USA. He regularly publishes work including projects with Hermit Editions, The Royal Academy and Sheer Wonder Press. He has also been involved with various educational projects and been invited as a visiting lecturer to venues and Art schools including Camden Arts Centre, Camberwell College of Art, The Royal Academy Schools, Camber well College of Art and Birmingham Art School.

My current practice engages in a number of different strategies, Text, Narrative images and Found/Appropriated objects. Using a limited range of “Traditional Materials & Art making Techniques” Print, Drawing, and Clay etc. I seek to breathe life into the dilapidated and outmoded.

Recent research and work has centred around the notion of Art making as a utopian gesture, a futile act of rebellion in a digital age were man has become increasingly less independent as technology supersedes the hand. I have drawn inspiration from a wide range of sources, communes of the 60s and 70s, the arts and crafts movement and their connection with “Craft” and making as a politically empowering act.

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