Rhiannon Hunter

Rhiannon’s work explores themes of belonging, boundaries and ownership whilst navigating physical space. She plays with urban-geometries to create visual narratives that are suggestive of the familiar, yet reside in the unknown.

She creates dialogues between constructed form and the body as a medium for experiencing existing in a space, a time, a place and sparks possibilities for new relationships to unfold.

The experimental process of making by hand forms a tension between her subject and the unintentional. Built form that may be defined by its certainty merges with a process of tactile and cerebral interpretations. What results, are aesthetically sensitive works that balance control with freedom and unwittingly invite the viewer to look afresh at their relationship to their surroundings.

Rhiannon is a UK based multidisciplinary artist. She trained in Fine Art Textiles at Goldsmiths University, London and has written for art journals and exhibited internationally.

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