Rebecca Glover

I am interested in points of intersection between the human body and its environment – where narrative, myth, and site merge to make sense of this relationship, drawing up questions about the sort of frameworks that shape this interaction and alternative methods for engaging and constructing a relationship with the world around me. My work looks at flattening hierarchies from  human authority to something more mutual. This is mirrored in my use of different media where the emphasis is often placed on the crossing over of sensory perception revealing a horizontal relationship between media and between the senses.

I work with multi-sensory media to alter viewpoints or methods of encountering a particular subject. It’s the way the work enters into the body that then makes sense of it, that interests me most. As a result, the body is a central protagonist in my work and often the site of  the work itself, imbuing pieces with an ingested quality.

My recent work considers the relationship between the sound of an object and the sound of the human voice. In Slab, let’s swap places (2016) I used mimicry to explore how I can know or form the sound of another through my voice. These performances are an attempt to form empathy with the world of objects and non-human entities and ultimately exploring how to redress the balance of endless consumption and abuse of our environment and resources. Through playing with the boundaries of voice and identity I am trying to evoke a sense of fluid connection with and care for our surroundings.

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