Nicholas Crombach

Growing up on a dairy farm in rural Canada, I became captivated with collecting small critters and building cages and enclosures. The amusement these activities provided me was always accompanied by a sense of shame.

I intend my sculptures to interrogate concepts of instinct and emotion, while investigating the paradoxical relationship and ethical dilemma of our dependency, our obsession and our coexistence with the animal world. In my work, I juxtapose domestic objects, human figures and animals to create visual representations of the complexity of human nature. My Interest in the mental state of being caught between conflicting positions results in a further exploration of the contradiction between the notions of innocence and shame.

Relatable and fantastical, my various bodies of work inform and cross-reference each other. Fusing the traditional with a contemporary quality, my work is conceptually layered, often suggesting undercurrents of seriousness beneath hints of humour.

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