Natalia Trivino Lozano

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Many things moved Natalia to understand the reality and study and practice of Law for eight years. However, she started developing a curiosity about the world and all that she had seen in her country creating strong thoughts and a sense of intuition, making her realise that her mind wanted to create rather than understand the world. Suddenly and without any pretention, she started to paint on canvas, truly believing that she could create, capture and reflect not only her reality, but infinite realities. She started to paint few years ago, and all the laws and principles she had learned combined with her passion for art and history somehow connected at an abstract level in her paintings. She is an artist that portrays silence, capturing it in a timeless, psychological space, where geometric shapes are the foundations for such a space around the loneliness humans create due to prejudices, such as religion, culture, policies and customs, which in turn form shadows on our backs. Currently, she has been developing the idea of Ex cathedra, which comes from the Latin phrase ex- cathedra, literally “from the chair”. The chair referred metaphorically as the infallible, irrefutable authority position, with no space for questionings. But the chair itself has been only an object where men sit and from which they take possession of. So the chair is at the same time the victim. She paints the victims without power or authority, from their solitude and sometimes from resignation. Victims must adjust to social structures that have been created by men through the history of mankind, hence the metaphor and symbolism of the chair in which they reside.

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