Natalia Markowska

In my practice, I work with mixed-media; currently focusing on performance, using video, photography, sound, installation, found objects, and a variety of natural and human-made materials.

The practice interrogates the subjective experience of living in a gender-coded body. The trajectory of this work has been to connect the female form (primarily my own) to the external world – where both environmental and cultural territories are implicated in the construction of a particular gendered body, one which is intimately sensed and experienced, and socially performed.

I have recently graduated from MA Fine Art course at the City and Guilds of London Art School where I have been utilizing my body and its processes in the performances, which I envisage as modern feminist rituals. These events take place in a metaphorical, bracketed space, employing distinctively ritual-like modes of presentation that include planned, specific gestures and the use of objects that act as material signifiers.

I have been examining my works through the concept of a life cycle and particularly in relation to the breath. My current methods employ embodiment, repetition, endurance, ephemerality and the integration of art and life.

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