Nadia Francis

I am drawn to the relationship between physical space and psychological space, and the point in which a psychological state of mind can spill into its physical surroundings.

The home is an important site to explore this dynamic as it can depict order, control, chaos and fantasy. I choose objects that act as vessels or containers caught between states of fullness, emptiness or a leaking out; alluding to a broader narrative on the human condition. I see the home as a metaphor for the psyche and its complicated internal workings. Memories are stored within its foundations and seep through the walls, store cupboards conceal and hide, and the plumbing systems expel and remove that which is unwanted. Human interactions within this space become embodied in the physicality of the surroundings.

My practice is rooted in a continued questioning of the boundaries between internal and external, real and imagined, and the instability of sanity. Behaviours of listing, reshuffling, recombining and restructuring elements from many angles can function as an anchoring point in order to make sense of an unstable and precarious world.

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