Nadege Meriau

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My practice explores the possibilities of creating images that combine the visceral and the sublime.  Drawing on the idea of perception as participatory and the body as part of the flesh of the world, my work addresses the senses. Images of incandescent and dripping dwellings not only evoke primeval hungers but also envelop and absorb.

My investigations are rooted in Gaston Bachelard’s concept of the intimate immensity and my interest in biomimicry.

I understand ecology in the true sense of the word, as in the study of habitation (“Okologie, from Oikos “habitation”+ Logi “ study of’).

I am interested in the nesting instinct, in what we call ‘home’, whether it is our domestic, social, or natural environment. How do we root ourselves in a space, a community? How do we create a sense of belonging?

The potato rhizome produces a constellation of roots and shoots as it feeds off the soil, gradually creating a space for itself, much like we create a sense of belonging through making multiple connections within our community.

As the worm slowly creates its habitat by digesting coarse earth into humus, so does the artist turn their life experience into metaphors and artefacts.

My recent works draw on the emerging interest for alternative dwellings such as the hobbit house by Simon Dale. Could it be that in a world of uncertainty we long for intra-uterine architectures?  And could this be a manifestation of our subconscious desire to return to the womb or the origins of life?

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