Justin Eagle

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Justin Eagle explores contemporary urban reality through symbols whose familiarity grants them a sort of invisibility in everyday life. Often drawing on the buzz and sexual energy of youth culture, Eagle produces images that mix desire and danger: Aioli (2010) is a close-up image of jeans rendered in acrylic silkscreen on canvas, which references an economy of images, from post-punk album covers to AIDS campaign posters in the 1980s (his canvases focus on what he calls the “condom pocket”). These works call up a host of questions about the process of reproduction and distribution of popular images. Eagle is also deeply invested in the ageing modernity of England’s New Towns, notably Milton Keynes and Telford, and the civic sculptures that dot and adorn their manifold roundabouts and windy plazas. His works look precision-engineered, are cool and quick to the pulse of this post-Fordist world.

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