Jonathan Munro

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Jonathan Munro is concerned with creating sculptural objects; intervening in spaces and crafting experiences, which question different notions of seeing and interactivity within art.

Combining conceptual and socially engaged ideas as intently crafted physical objects. The significance imbued within these sculptural forms is equally related to their aesthetic appeal and craftsmanship as it is to the ideas they represent. Munro’s experience and expertise in fabrication has allowed the production of a body of work that reflects his wide range of conceptual interests and contextual curiosity.

Equally important to Munro as his individual objects is the control and configuration of the sensorial environment; this is both in terms of traditional art aesthetics and as part of a technologically informed practice. His work seeks to map the duration of viewers’ engagement with their surroundings and intervene in that process. His invitation to viewers to enter an environment and to engage with his spaces and objects is tempered by the control enacted by Munro and the implications that his subterfuge has on experience.

By playing with and distorting the perceived natural flow of cause and effect Munro is challenging viewers’ perception, understanding and experiences of interaction. This manipulation of the viewer is not to deceive them, rather it seeks to return some control to them and clarify their understanding of the work and the concepts raised by it.

Underpinning the process of fabrication of objects, the control of the environment in which they are placed and the viewers’ interaction with them is Munro’s interest in social behavioural theory. In particular looking at what humans and certain animal species have gained in evolutionary terms throughout struggles for survival and dominance. How social structures have been built and are maintained through altruistic behaviour and how this benefits humans.

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