Fred Sorrell

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Rachel Bennett states that Fred is “Trying to expose the transitory gap between reality and dreamscape, the intimate gap between individuals forged in the most intense moments of relationships, and the revelatory gap that emerges when the gaze lingers on a scene and is allowed to dance off to explore conjectural possibilities”. (FAD ART, 9/8/11)

I treat my paintings as a platform for a series of decisions, putting something down then editing it. Sometimes having no plans or preconceptions allows me to remain open, letting information from drawings or other paintings emerge through the constant experiment with the material. My moves and counter moves are initiated by similar problems faced by representational painting- they can be tender, aggressive or analytical. The surface may be taken as a series of intersecting shapes and gestural marks, but there is a narrative, hidden in the layers of the painting through symbolism and visual reference.

Distilling the drifts of visual fragments- fleeting juxtapositions of people and architecture, through drawing and painting, allows my gaze to turn inward and reflect on my experience.

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