Fabio Lattanzi Antinori

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My works mainly revolve around corporate systems and notions of power, control and spirituality, meant as the language of the interior, in our post modern society. The elements that influence my works tend to pertain to the performative process of branding in the market and to the role of data as a tool to provide an interpretation of reality and an attempt to objectify it; these processes interest me not only for the functional importance they possess, but also and more prominently because of the consequences they provoke upon the individuals within the community and the relationships they establish with them. My works are often conceived as a platform where to attempt a process of conceptual deconstruction, which is much inspired by Derrida’s shaking the structure parallel taken from architecture and to build immersive metaphors of the way a certain mechanism, identified through conceptual research, works like; much as if the act of producing an artwork would suddenly expose the structure and weak points of the discourse, so that actions could be imagined and taken to modify it. The sculptural media sits at the centre of my artistic production; my practice is often interdisciplinary and it involves collaborating with artists, engineers, scientists and designers; I make use of technological assets in order to better explore the territory of popular culture in the age of mass information. Recurrent themes of my artistic production are the sacred role of data, seen as a critical tool to provide an interpretation of reality and an attempt to objectify it; products in the capitalistic system possessing human personality traits and the process by which feelings, ethics and morals can become commoditised goods; language based tools such as online word searches and databases and the way they influence society and our imagination; lastly, unpredictability and overall the transformative change that individuals experience throughout life.

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