Anne von Freyburg

Anne von Freyburg (Velp, 1979) graduated from the ArtEZ academy of the visual arts in Arnhem and studied embroidery at the prestigious Ecole Lesage in Paris. In 2016 she received her Master Fine Art at Goldsmiths University London.

Through my work I am exploring the constructions of femininity, female identity and gender in popular media. I am interested in subverting the stereotypical feminine codes and lifestyles that appear in the media. The paintings portrait a fantasy world of feminine excess, materialism, desire, discuss and anxiety. The work itself stays ambiguous to its subject and shows hybrid figures that have their own hierarchies, character and instincts. The mixture and use of different media and materials, such as; acrylic ink, printed glossy magazine materials, textiles, rhinestones, glitter and tapestries are a way to transgress, subvert and revalue the origin of those materials. The use of materials in the work can be seen as a political statement as well as a celebration of the feminine. The scenes that are represented in each paintings are telling a different story and show different aspects of this fictional feminine world.



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