Anna Jung Seo

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As a Korean artist in London, ‘dislocation’ has been my main interest. I explore the notion of distance in different spheres: psychological and emotional distance within people and geographical and physical distance between places and people. My recent series of works expand my interests into people’s daily life in the streets, trains and pubs, particularly of a street market in south London near my studio. My paintings developed out of an interest in the intimate moments of people, which unveil the different layers of human relationships.

I am fascinated by the way in which emotions and vulnerability of life can be reduced into intimate or even awkward moments. My recent paintings are based upon the short memory following quick observations – sometimes repetitive – through daily encounters. Intrigued by scenes around myself, I try to convey the vulnerability of these individuals by capturing the intense moments within small-scale paintings. I aim to build up my own narrative on top of their stories. I believe these short moments are, though ephemeral, strong enough to show the fragmented truth of life, how vulnerable we are.

Since finishing my residency at the Florence Trust in London in 2015, I have focused on painting as part of the Turps Painters’ Programme.


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