Amanda Baum & Rose Leahy

Searching through symbiotic networks, ritual recharging, tentacular embraces and queer ecologies Amanda Baum (DK) and Rose Leahy (UK) explore multispecies collective creation (sympoiesis) in a time of global transformations. They began collaborating in 2015 at the Royal College of Art studying MA Information Experience Design. With backgrounds in industrial design and fine art respectively, their work forms a practice combining elements of both. With a multimodal approach spanning interactive installations, immersive experiences, set design and interdisciplinary research Baum and Leahy explore how environmental action can be married with ceremonial celebration to trigger systems of adaptation.

Their work has been exhibited at Tate Modern, London and The National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen, at various festivals, such as Sonar +D, Barcelona and Click Festival, Copenhagen, events at the V&A, London and with The Design Museum, London. Additionally, they engage in interdisciplinary collaborations, lately with Centre for Quantum Photonics at Bristol University and the Institute of Physics, London as well as the Department of Epidemiology at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam. Combining quantum phenomena with collective musical behaviour, this project was shortlisted for the Bio Art & Design Awards 2017.

During their residency with the Florence Trust, they continue their ongoing research into ceremony, rituals and sacred space, taking influence from the environment and atmosphere of St Saviour’s church. Alongside this they are working on a publication of their collaborative book Weaving Worlds: a collective venture into human-nonhuman entanglements and starting a long term collaboration with Norwegian theatre company Øyteateret to develop Opphav – a puppet theatre performance following the development of microbial life from primordial soup through evolution into a speculative, more-than-human, sci-fi future.

Instagram: @amandabaumolesen + @rosesleahy

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