Aisha Christison

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Being a painter in a world inundated with images particularly on the internet through memes, advertising, google and instagram one often struggles with originality and authenticity. In the post-internet era it is no surprise that visual ideas are in constant circulation for we all unconsciously absorb and process the same visual stimuli. I feel this personally as I currently work in a digital photo lab, where I consume hundreds or images a day in addition to those that I already consume as an active internet user. In this sense, we are all like machines reacting to the same visual information in the same that we have specific chemical reactions. In light of this, my paintings are a reaction to this excess of images. Images are the basis of the formal language of my work. They are an amalgamation of the various images that I collect. My sources range from the internet to stock photography, historical works of art and out-dated interior design anthologies.

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