Ehryn Torell

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Ehryn Torrell is a painter who is fascinated by the built environment and uses collage in her paintings to weave together and juxtapose real and invented spaces affected by urbanisation, neglect and natural disaster in. She finds in it metaphors for grief and loss but also wonder. A keen reader of theoretical texts, from Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine (2008) to David Harvey’s Spaces of Hope (2000), Torrell paints images of personal encounters she has had in areas whose buildings – or ruins – speak of both socio-economic and personal narratives. Having visited Sichuan Province, China, shortly after the terrible earthquake of 2008, Torrell painted images of ruination and of improvised housing in urban slums. She has also painted images of family homes in order to explore place and personal identity and to come to terms with her own mother’s death. In her paintings, light is a key device that she uses to link politics and poetics. Torrell has also collaborated with Schneider on a project titled Song For Others (2011): the work was made on a residency in Guelph, Canada, and is a composition with 90 participants who recorded songs that they have previously sung for someone else during moments of affection or comfort.

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