Marianne Walker

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My current practice uses representational pencil drawing to make studies of the meaning that is projected onto urban and natural landscapes. I focus on nocturnal subjects, as much because I want to make drawings where I get to employ the techniques of sfumato and chiaroscuro to study form as much as I want to reference a time period associated with the unconscious.. Technology and artefacts from contemporary life are represented as under threat as they are partially obscured by the darkness, night must fall and we still negotiate with this reality daily.

The darkness represented becomes as much an object as a subject, the weight of the pencil marks used to construct the works demonstrates the number of hours put into each drawing. The end pieces are slow reveals in their making as much as in their exhibition -meaning that the work is positioned directly opposite the instant culture of text messages and photoshop.  Each piece, whether projected on a large filmic scale or more intimate drawing on paper, is very quiet – regardless of any soundtrack. No conclusions are ever offered up and the viewer projects their own narrative onto the work.

My work has been described as Romantic, compelling and mysterious and I am always attempting to walk the line between representing sites and objects from everyday life at the same time as exploring the deeper emotional and psychological meanings that we bring to bear on our environment.

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