Lisa Slominski

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Lisa Slominski covers the gallery walls with her signature wallpaper work, alongside a floor piece. Sourcing images from the Internet and treating them as readymade objects, reworking and repurposing the forms in order to emancipate them from their virtual existence or typical associations. In abstracting these images, she shifts them from their virtual realm into the physical one. Through this process, and by using interior design, she investigates the relationship between observing and objectifying. Slominski is interested in how the digital age has changed our approach to interior space, as we are now faced with ever-expanding customisation tools and computer-generated suggestions. With its references to modern science, social media and the Internet, Slominski’s work employs the use of repetition and pattern, often with the florid sensibilities of the Baroque period, while searching for a sense of drama, exaggerated motion and control. By disrupting familiarity, her work seeks to create something permanent out of something ethereal, and push beyond simple juxtaposition to create hybrids of virtuality and d├ęcor. In this exhibition, she investigates ideas of access and appropriation in our relationship to both the Internet and interior space; the former provides an ocean of images and information, not only for reference but for us to take and manipulate.


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